Graphic Design Blog, is my favorite blog of all time. It is a ‘Graphic Design lifestyle blog’, which aims to ‘be on the cutting edge of design trends, tips, tutorials, inspirations, resources and much more’. From this blog I have learnt so much, from in-depth details of famous designer, fallen in love with new and unheard of creators, gained knowledge of unique and interesting tips for the Adobe Creative Suite and finally I always find inspiration from there different posts.

One of my favorite aspects of the blog is when they interview different design, as I get an inside into how the industry works from unique point of view from each designer. This is due to the fact that they use individual people, from freelance typographies to sculptors. Each artist allows me to think differently and gain inspiration.

The design of the blog has been well though out, and uses a block system, this helps the blog has a minimalistic look. The use of simple colours help with the overall design, as it only uses white, grey and a vibrant orange. Within the articles they give precise details of information. The articles can range from new design apps and product review to new and interesting design methods.

In conclusion, I find that this website has allowed me to become a better designer. Weather it is from learning professional manners, or learning new artist who have inspired me.

Lauren xo


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