London, London, London. What more do I have to say, it has been a little over a month since I moved to my new life in ‘The City’ it has been a scary and exciting times. First over all I have created three new and amazing new friends, who I feel have changed me and I know that we will be friends so a long time; I know this is stupid and corny but as I get ‘older’ the friends I make are more meaning full and I can’t see them not being in my future. I have also had to learn to defend for myself, yes I live with my sister, but I still have to cook and clean for myself; as I have been told several times she won’t treat me like my mum. The one thing I really miss is my friends and family, over the last few days I have been ill (freshers flu), so I just want my mum to make me some soup and tuck me into bed, sadly she is 3 hours away. I also started university, which is why I had to create this blog, but I had actually be thinking about creating a blog for sometimes; I know it is so 2009 but it is a way to express myself and my creativity to a hopefully broader area. As you can probably already tell I am not the best at writing, but I am hoping that the more I publish, the better and more comfortable I get a writing. So thanks for everyone who read my first, and very awkward post but welcome to Out of Line.

Lauren xo


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